Saturday, October 11, 2008

How to amuse yourself watching the presidential debates...

...with out actually hearing what they're saying.

Drink when:

- anyone uses the phrase "we are winning in iraq"
-there is any mention of 9/11
-any mention of George W.
-usage of "fundamental"
-when Obama steeples his fingers
-any mention of the vice presidential candidates
-McCain mentions being a POW
-when they name someone we have never heard of
-when they talk over each other for 3+ seconds
-pointless anecdotes
-laughing in tandem
-obvious stalling (drink until they come up with an answer)

Tequila shots if...
-either candidate or moderator swears on air
-McCain or Obama burps on camera
-MaCain calls Obama "Senator Osama"
-either use the word "bracelet".

aaaaaand begin

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